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Santiago: Hello David, how are you? I've just watched the Sophie Rossen video you uploaded and, since I'm not very knowledgeable about the subject, I wasn't able to notice the abuse on her horse. According to your opinion, what's wrong about the video? Thanks and hugs!
David: The issue is that only a few people know a horse who is free from compulsion and learned helplessness. A true horse teacher, a real friend, will not feed them through the bars of a cage; he or she will open the door and, in any case, will help them find themselves with that state of being, free
S: Sure David, I understand. What I can't tell from the video is, I see a kind treatment, it seemed permissive, I'd like to learn a way to relate freely, maybe because I don't know much about the subject I didn't notice the moment in which the horse is not allowed to be free.
It seemed like she wasn't even using a bridle. Sometimes behind a kind treatment there is slavery. It's just that I can't notice it
D: In several parts of the video, the horse's reactions indicate that she used a method similar to the natural horsemanship, she doesn't trust the horse, or else she wouldn't use a muzzle.
S: Oh, I understand. I'll try to pay attention to which moments... Right, I saw The muzzle too, and the saddle.
D: What she does is get the horse used to different objects and rutines: plastic, umbrellas... First she rides using the reins and then she takes them away. Once the horse has been conditioned, she can ride in the park, etc. I used to do that, you see similar things in riending, or "doma india"
S: Oh, ok, so first the "conditioning" happened.
D: Right, there's no freedom for that horse, it's just appearance.
S: This subject is complex, sometimes you think you are being really kind to the horse, and maybe it's the opposite. I understand.
D: To educate is not to generate conditionings, but to propose learnings.
It's to encourage freedom and decision making, instead of putting a horse in front of something scary and saying "you are not going anywhere until you overcome this".
S: I understand, relate as a friend, in total freedom. At one point I wonder if it would be better to set them free with no connection to humans at all,. Don't you thin that just by being close to us, there is some conditioning?
D: There are many stances on that issue. Some have to do with a degree of commitment or understanding, others with the means of each person. Horses deserve the same as any living being: freedom. Personally, each one of us has to think what we can, and what we want to give to them.
S: Having that freedom, would the horse choose to connect with me?
D: By being free, they can choose whatever they want
S: I'd like to connect with them but knowing that the horse would want to connect with me from complete freedom.
D:... The thing is if you can take it

Gracias Rita Pavota por la traducción !

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